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Wish Willy on local and  International TV

Since Wish Willy opened his restaurant in 1999 he has had many
appearances in the
local media. Early 2000 he had a cooking show on
Channel 5, one of the national TV channels in Belize. Recently he was
asked to return and May 5, 2010 he showed the viewers of Channel 5
Belize how to prepare a
delicious Caribbean fish dish. Also the
newspaper readers of Belize know Wish Willy: from 2007-2009 he
published weekly recipes in the
Belize Times.

In 2009 his
international break through was there: several international
TV stations &
celebrities visited the restaurant on Caye Caulker to meet
the remarkable Wish Willy, learn about his cooking skills and picture the
typical entourage of the restaurant. Here are some examples of the
international film- and TV crews that visited Wish Willy.

July 2011
To promote the International Film Festival of Belize (IFFB) a group of
international comedians visited Belize and gave a splendid performance at
th Bliss Theater in Belize City. Before the show they came to Wish Willy for
lunch. Big names as
Faizon Love, Rodney Perry, Damon William and
Tony Roberts, all stand up comedians and actors, enjoyed lunch and
entertained the crew. A DVD is made of their tour through Belize and other

A day later Wish Willy and his girlfriend Monique made their entrance on
red carpet for the opening ceremony of the IFFB and were interviewed
by Tony Roberts.

January 2011
A film crew from Nepal came to have a look at the eccentric restaurant.
They shot lots of photos and videos and were impressed by the simple and
personal touch of Wish Willy.

June 2010
A crew of the South Korean National TV had lunch at Wish Willy and
interviewed the chef. For dessert they had a fresh coconut that Wish Willy
himself had taken of the tree only a few minutes earlier. We almost had to
call the paramedics because the interview lady thought it would be easy to
catch the coconut and insisted that Willy threw the coconut from the
verandah. Ouch, that hurted, but she still enjoyed the coconut water.

April 2010: Joe Clair
This American TV host, comedian and sometimes rapper was in Belize for a
week to film a lifestyle travel show featuring Belize’s culture, food, song,
dance, people, locations, or in other words: what people would do when
they come to Belize through Joe Clare’s eyes. One of his stops was Wish
Willy, where he had lunch and joked around with the crew.

November 2009: Chef Keith Jones
Keith Jones is a chef for more than 20 years and is also known for his TV
show (on Colours TV) called 'Eatertainment'. He enjoyed lunch (see link on
the right side of this page) and will come back to do a film shooting where
he will be competing with Wish Willy in the kitchen.

All the visits were arranged  by
Nigel Miguel, the Film Commissioner of the
Government of Belize and former NBA basketball player.
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Wish Willy Song!
Not many people can say that there is a song especially
written for them.
Wish Willy can! For many years Danny
a famous Canadian singer-songwriter, visits Caye
Caulker and frequently has dinner at Wish Willy. His last
album Sunset Sea was written in Belize with one song  
dedicated to Wish Willy. See next link for some of his
songs and for
the making of the Wish Willy song.
The Dakota Sessions with Wish Willy Song
The making of the Wish Willy Song

San Pedro, May 2012
Aurelio Martinez, Honduran Garifuna musician
extraordinaire performed to the delight of many on the
beach at Sundiver Beach Resort. Accompanied by the
Garifuna Collective, Martinez sang in his distinctive
voice, beautiful ballads and infectiously rhythmic
Punta/Paranda jams that had the crowd moving. Electric
and acoustic guitars, Garifuna drumbeats, the shake-
shake of maracas and the voices clear into the night – it
was a fantastic evening
of music and culture.
Opening the evening’s
event was
Danny Michel
, who
has been traveling
to Belize for the past
six years.
Michel had the crowd singing along; especially to
his Caye Caulker based song “Wish Willy”

In February 2011 another singer-songwriter stayed at the
Cozy Cabana of Wish Willy. It was Johnny Broadway
from Winnipeg. Watch him singing a song in Wish Willy's
Johnny playing acoustic at Wish Willy

The Full Montezuma

In 2000 Peter Moore wrote a book about his travel adventures around
Central America with his travel partner 'the girl next door'. One chapter is
about his visit to Caye Caulker and his special
encounter with Wish
. The book is very entertaining and of course this chapter about Caye
Caulker is the best.