About Wish Willy, the restaurant

Wish Willy Bar & Grill is one of the most unique restaurants on the island of Caye
Caulker. Located a little bit of the beaten track at the north end of the island (near The
Split) it's a perfect place to relax, listen to some good music (not alway s reggae, but also
jazz, blues and sometimes live drumming), have a chat with other guests and of course
enjoy a delicious meal. A couple of (homemade) tables and chairs are randomly placed in
Wish Willy's yard and in case of a tropical shower there's a cozy covered spot where you
can hang out.

Breakfast is a combination of European, American and Caribbean style breakfasts. For
example breakfast burritos, shrimp omelets, delicious crepes, bagels and special french
toast. All served with coffee, tea, juices, smoothies or a Bloody Mary.

If you're lucky Wish Willy cooks you a real Belizean lunch. It depends on a couple of
things: if he's home, if there's any food in the kitchen and if his mood is set on preparing
lunch or not. Just hop by and see if it's a lucky day for you.

For dinner there's no menu, but the chef himself will come at your table, tells you what's
available that day and cooks you a fancy dinner. What to think of grilled lobster with
ginger butter sauce, stir fried conch teriyaki style, shrimp with Thai noodles in a spicy
sweet & sour sauce or a whole grilled fish with coconut lime spring. But it's not only fresh
seafood that you can get. One of the favorites is BBQ or Jerk chicken (with the famous
homemade jerk sauce), grilled pork chops and sometimes even roast lamb. If you're a
vegetarian, no worries, with the fresh veggies he buys every day Wish Willy will makes
you go home with your belly filled.

About Wish Willy, the chef

Wish Willy, a.k.a. Maurice Moore, is a cool, tall rasta guy. Born in Belize and raised in
Chicago, USA, where he became a chef. In the late 90's he decided to go back to his
roots and started his restaurant Wish Willy on Caye Caulker. He didn't have a smooth
start, because the first year Hurricane Mitch destroyed almost his complete restaurant.
But he moved on and now he has one of the most popular restaurants on the island and
is well known all over the island, the country of Belize and even when he is in Europe,
people recognize him. When you come for dinner to Wish Willy, Maurice will certainly take
care of you having a good time; either with his never ending stories or his tasteful food.

About Wish Willy, the iguana

The real wish willy is a scaly tailed iguana that lives on Caye Caulker. It grows to a length
of 3-4 feet and it's a drab yellow
/grey with black bars on its back.
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